Next Cosmetic Clinics

Next Cosmetics Clinics is a cosmetic clinic and partner of Next Fatfreeze the ideal location for a luxurious approach to aesthetic treatments. With treatments using Botox and fillers, we offer top quality and a luxury service by experienced specialists. We welcome both men and women who wish to modify their faces and appearance to suit who they really area, whether they wish to eliminate irritating imperfections or issues such as excessive sweating.

Cosmetic physicians

The medical team at Next Cosmetic Clinics is made up of cosmetic physicians, all of whom are BIG registered. They are all qualified doctors and have also completed additional training to carry out cosmetic procedures using injectables. They have also gained work experience in large hospitals or clinics.

Next Cosmetic Clinics

Natural result, natural you

Quality and a natural result

Every client at Next Cosmetics Clinics functions as a calling-card; it goes without saying that we, therefore, do all we can to deliver the very best quality! And we believe that a natural result represents the best quality. You can count on our specialists to provide honest, clear advice. We use injectables discreetly as we believe that the most natural results are achieved with subtle changes.

Ultrasound for accurate results and the desired shape

At Next Cosmetics Clinics, we work with ultrasound both before and during your consultation. A revolutionary method which achieve accurate results, creates the desired shape and prevents excessive bruising after the treatment. The ultrasound also allows us to pinpoint the location of previous injectables. The specialists in our clinic are experienced in the use of ultrasound during filler or Botox treatments and even offer training in the procedures.

Working method

You can book your treatment online. You will receive confirmation with further instructions. On the day of the appointment, you should arrive at the clinic 15 minutes before your appointment. You can then run through the intake requirements with the specialist and have a ‘before’ photo taken. The zones will then be viewed using ultrasound so that the doctor knows where to use the injectables to realise the desired result. The treatment will be provided immediately afterwards. Before the treatment, an anaesthetic cream such as Emla, may be applied by the assistant. The physician will then provide instructions for you to follow. The results will become evident after a few days and will last from a few months to a year, depending on the treatment and the condition of the skin.

The treatments

At Next Cosmetics Clinics, we offer a range of treatments  using Botox and fillers, some of these are also medical. These treatments might be reimbursed by your insurance company. This does depend, however, on the insurance you have and, of course, the nature of your complaint before you have your treatment. Want to know if your treatment is eligible for reimbursement? Contact your insurance company to check.

Partner of Next Fatfreeze

Next Cosmetics Clinics is a partner of Next Fatfreeze , the specialised provider of fat freezing and skin tightening. A clinic which attracts customers from across the Netherlands as a result of its high quality and exceptional results. As a partner in the Next-chain, you can count on at least the same specialised quality as Next Cosmetic Clinics.


Next Cosmetic Clinics is affiliated to the Care Customer Portal . If there are complaints, we will be happy to help and will do all we can to ensure they are resolved. If necessary, we can also involve an independent dispute commission or complaints ombudsman via this portal.

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