Treatment with Botox or fillers around or above the eyes

Crow’s feet, wrinkles, bags or dark circles under your eyes and low eyebrows… they all make you look older, tired or even angry. Choose a treatment with Botox or fillers around or above your eyes to achieve a rejuvenated look and younger appearance. These treatments are listed below and can usually be performed quickly, in between your day to day activities. Would you like to treat another zone on your face or body? Check out what else we can do for you with Botox or fillers here.

Tear trough filler

Bags under the eyes or dark circles; some people have them all their lives and others may encounter them due to volume loss in the face as a result of ageing. The bone appears under the skin and you end up with a ‘tear trough’ or a channel from the inner corner of your eye to your cheek. The corresponding shadow looks like a bag or dark circle. With a tear trough filler, we reverse the volume loss. To achieve this we use hyaluronic acid, a substance which occurs naturally in our skin. The effect with this type of filler is very natural.

Eyebrow lift

Do you have low or hanging eyebrows? This can give you tired looking eyes or even make you look angry. With Botox, we can give your eyebrows a lift. The muscle that pulls your eyebrows downwards relaxes and this lifts your brows. You will look rejuvenated and fitter. The result is very natural and the treatment is so quick that you can fit it in between your everyday tasks! The effect becomes evident after a few days and usually lasts a few months.

Crow’s feet with Botox

Crow’s fee or laughter lines are charming and natural. But if they are clearly visible when you wake up, are not laughing or extend to deep lines up to the cheeks, they might dominate the face. Are you just starting to see crow’s feet near your eyes and want to eliminate them? Then we can often help you with Botox. A small quantity of Botox relaxes the muscles which cause these crow’s feet. The result is natural and lasts for several months. This Botox treatment is a minor intervention that can take place between your other, everyday activities.

Frown lines

A frown between your eyebrows gives you a somewhat surly, grump appearance. Even though that might not be the case! This type of frown line is caused by too much squinting and computer work. We relax your appearance by tackling the frown line with Botox. You will have a rejuvenated and friendlier look and it can also often lift your eyebrows slightly. If you would like more of an eyebrow lift, you can also choose to have that treatment at the same time. A frown line treatment with Botox is a quick intervention and you will see the best results after a week or two. The effect usually lasts several months.


A treatment with Botox in your forehead will make you look instantly younger. Forehead wrinkles are very noticeable and make you look older. With Botox you will recover your youthful look. Particularly if you combine this with other treatments such as the eyebrow lift or the frown line treatment. The treating doctor can tell you more during your appointment and then carry out the Botox treatments immediately afterwards. This doctor will always have a good look at your face to ensure the result is natural. After a few days, the result will become evident and will last for a few months.

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Treatment with Botox or fillers

The area above and around the eyes can be treated with Botox or fillers. Both ensure a natural result which will become evident after a few days. The effect in these areas usually lasts for 3 to 4 months. If you need an extra treatment, the doctor will notify you. In general, you must not immediately lie down after the treatment or do any sport on the same day. When you have a tear trough treatment, we advise you to avoid sunbathing or going to a beauty salon for a week. After the treatment, the doctor will give you personal advice and instructions. Any questions? Ask us or consult the Frequently Asked Questions  on our site.

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