Filler treatments for lovely skin and a V-shaped face

We use fillers to treat our clients who are looking to rejuvenate their skin or appearance. With a liquid facelift as skin improvement. Or fuller temples for a younger look. The physicians in our cosmetic clinic use these fillers to ensure that you obtain the appearance that reflects how you feel.

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Skin improvement with a liquid facelift

All skin ages over time, and the face is the first place to show it. The skin’s elasticity reduces and this leads to wrinkles and looser skin. Does your skin look older than you feel? Book a treatment with fillers. A liquid facelift will improve your skin by increasing the volume in your face and reducing wrinkles; it will look as if your whole face has been lifted. But without any operations. Depending on the shape of your face and your skin, we treat certain areas with fillers. The result is natural and will suit you perfectly. And would you like to accentuate certain elements? Such as a V-shape with beautiful cheekbones, for example? We can fill these areas with hyaluronic acid. This can be used for almost any zone of your face. The skin improvement treatment involves a short recovery period but the result can be seen quickly and will last for up to a year.

Fuller temples with fillers

The temples can also lose volume as you age. Sunken temples change the shape of your face and make you look older. But, to obtain the youthful V-shape in your face, you need beautifully shaped temples as well as full cheekbones. The V-shape is accentuated as a result. By filling the temples using fillers, your V-shape will be more prominent and your face will look more youthful. You will also reduce the winkles next to your eyes. To achieve the desired, natural result, we use the filler hyaluronic acid. Its effect become evident after a few days and last for up to 12 months. This treatment can also be easily combined with cheekbone fillers or a treatment around the eyes.

Beautiful skin = Young look

Treatments with fillers

The skin and temples can be treated effectively with fillers. For younger looking skin or fuller temples, in order to achieve the desired V-shape. Our team of cosmetic physicians always checks the shape that will suit your face in order to achieve a natural effect. They will discuss this with you personally during the appointment and after treatment they will provide advice on what you can and cannot do in the first days afterwards. Want to know more? Ask us or take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions.

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