Treatments to face, skin and body

In our cosmetic clinic for injectables, you can have treatments on various zones. Not happy with the shape of your nose? Have you heard that you look tired or a grumpy or do you think your face looks older than you feel? Then our physicians are here for you. Book a free consultation and they will advise you which treatment will help you achieve the look you want; younger, radiant and more vital. Meet your next you, at Next Cosmetic Clinics in Rotterdam!

Chin & Jaw

With sleeker contours, your face will look younger and more vital. Discover our Botox and filler treatments for the Chin & Jaw zone.

Eyes & Forehead

Say goodbye to dark bags, crow’s feet or frown lines. With the right injectables for the Eyes & Forehead zone, you will get your refreshed look back.

Cheeks & Cheekbones

Do you want a beautiful, V-shaped face? No problem with Botox or fillers for the Cheeks & Cheekbone zone. Choose a younger face!


A beautiful, full mouth without any surrounding wrinkles; that is the epitome of youthfulness. Achieve this with injectables for the zone around your lips.


Fillers can also be used for skin improvement, as in a liquid facelift. Discover the treatments for younger skin or a V-shaped face in our clinic.


Have your buttocks lifted with injectables or treat hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating, with Botox. Go to Next Cosmetics Clinics for these treatments too.

Injectables for every zone

Not quite sure which injectable is the right choice for the zone you wish to treat? No problem, that’s where our physicians come in. They will advise you on the best treatments to achieve the desired result. In our clinic, we work with fillers, Botox, Profilho® and vitamin injections from leading, safe brands.