High-tech and luxurious for the best aesthetic treatments

At Next Cosmetic Clinics, we guarantee the best aesthetic treatments. With experienced, qualified physicians, a personalised, luxurious approach and carefully selected innovations in aesthetic treatments. We can thus offer better treatments and focus on providing a pleasant experience for our clients and a fantastic result. A selection of this high-tech equipment is listed below.

AccuVein®; with injectables

The AccuVein® is used at Next Cosmetic Clinics to make veins visible. This medical device works with infrared light, allowing the doctor to clearly see where veins are located under the skin. Injectables can thus be administered without touching any veins. Treatments with fillers, Botox, vitamin infusions and Profilho® are more accurate and there are fewer side-effects due to the use of AccuVein®. The risk of bruising and swelling after treatment is drastically reduced with this innovation.

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Vectra® H2; 3D photography for aesthetic treatments

At Next Cosmetic Clinics, the Vectra® H2 is used to take a 3D photo of the area to be treated. This advanced 3D camera has lamps which enable the best facial and body photos to be taken. We use these photos to create simulations of the end result so you know, in advance, what you can expect from the treatment. We also use it for advanced skin analyses; the treatment is then as effective as possible due to being applied at precisely the right place.

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