From nose corrections to buttock lifts

From a nose-tip lift to a buttock lift… Next Cosmetics Clinics offers these procedures using Botox or fillers. These expert cosmetic physicians can also treat excessive sweating or carry out a nose correction.

Nose correction

A nose correction might sound like a major intervention but can be carried out without an operation. With Botox! Botox can be used to subtly change the shape of the nose or correct it slightly. Do you want a smaller nose? Nostrils that move less and, thus, look smaller? Or would you like to correct a bend in the bridge of your nose? Discuss your requirements for the nose correction with one of our cosmetic physicians and they will explain the various options. The intervention can be achieved with one Botox treatment and the effects will be visible after about two weeks. The result will last for three to five months.

Nose point lift

A drooping nose point will give you an older or slightly grumpy appearance. If we lift your nose point, the downwards droop will be eliminated. The change is subtle but the effect is very noticeable for the appearance of your face. We lift the nose point with fillers or Botox, depending on the desired effect and your situation. The result is evident after a couple of weeks and lasts between a few months and a year. The physician will offer persona advice as to which treatment methods best suits your face and your specific nose.

Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, can be treated effectively with Botox. The Botox blocks the ends of the sweat glands so they can no longer produce sweat. This Botox treatment is suitable for the underarms, palms of the hands, and soles of the feet. The effect will be noticeable after a week and will last for four to six months. The treatment can be repeated several times but the effect will reduce after a while.

Buttock lift with fillers

Fillers can be used to lift the buttocks; this is known as body shaping or body contouring. The buttocks then become bigger or are lifted. The latter occurs if the skin and tissues under the skin have become looser due to ageing. The buttocks lose volume and firmness. We can restore that using the filler hyaluronic acid. After treatment, we advise you to avoid sport for two to three weeks and not visit saunas or have any massages; any pressure on the buttocks must be avoided. There may be swelling in the first few days. The effect can last for up to a year and a half and the treatment may be repeated. Our physicians will always endeavour to realise a natural result and provide honest advice about what will suit your body.

All the boxes ticked with fillers or Botox

Treatments with Botox or fillers at Next Cosmetics Clinics

For a variety of treatments with Botox or fillers go to Next Cosmetics Clinics. For a sleeker body, younger face, firmer buttocks or to reduce sweating. Check the treatments here on our site or ask us about the options and we will happily tell you how we can help. Our team of experienced cosmetic physicians are ready to help and will always provide honest, personalised advice.

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