Leading, safe brands in injectables

At Next Cosmetic Clinics, we guarantee quality and this is also reflected in our choice of brands. The injectables we use are exclusively sourced from leading, safe brands.


The world’s leading brand in hyaluronic acid fillers: Juvéderm® from Allergan Aesthetics. Juvéderm® fillers offer natural looking results and are used for various zones on the face. We can offer a customised approach of the very highest quality with these fillers. These fillers offer a beautiful, smooth consistency and have a high tissue integration. The effect will last between 9 and 24 months, depending on the application.


Belotero® fillers offer an all-in solution for restoring facial volume and reducing lines and wrinkles. This filler is also derived from hyaluronic acid and is integrated effectively in the skin. The result is therefore smooth and subtle, ensuring a natural looking effect. With the fillers from Belotero®, we can give our clients a younger, natural appearance.


In our clinic, we work with official Botox®, the botulinum toxin from Allergan Aesthetics. Botox® was developed in the 1970s as a remedy for relaxing muscles. It is still used for spasms, teeth grinding and excessive sweating but is also employed for cosmetic purposes. The fact that it has been in use for so long and is a registered medicine makes it a very safe substance without side-effects. The effects of Botox® are quick and long-term, and often last for up to six months.


The filler Profilho® has been used across the world since 2015 and has won a variety of aesthetic awards. This filler consists of hyaluronic acid without any chemical additions. It rejuvenates the skin by stimulating the creation of collagen and elastin. In contrast to other fillers, Profilho® does not add volume to the face, but ensures that the skin restores and strengthens itself. The optimum effect is achieved after six to eight weeks. You are advised to repeat the treatment a few times to combat the ongoing skin ageing process.

Effective injectables at Next Cosmetic Clinics

Achieve a natural result with the effective, safe injectables from Next Cosmetic Clinics. Want to know which treatment our physicians would recommend for you? Book a personal consultation.

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