Botox and fillers for cheeks and cheekbones

Pronounced cheekbones, it’s what everyone wants! With fillers, we can emphasise your cheekbones or fill your cheeks so that your face gains greater volume or a more defined shape. Or the desired V-shape, using Botox. Do you already have great facial shaping but are beginning to lose it as you get older? Then fillers or Botox could be the answer. At Next Cosmetics Clinics, we can help you achieve a younger look that really suits you.

Cheekbone fillers

The cheekbones are filled using fillers. This creates a younger looking face as the skin is rejuvenated and revitalised. The cheekbones gain greater volume and look lifted. This gives the face the desired V-shape and resurrects your younger, natural shape. To give the underside of the face an optical lift, we advise an additional treatment for the corners of your mouth . The result will become evident after two weeks and can last for a year. In the week after treatment, you are advised to avoid the sun or sauna and any spa treatments.

Cheek fillers

Firm cheeks make you look younger. This effect can be achieved using fillers. When we age, the skin loses its collagen, begins to ‘sag’ and becomes looser. Sagging cheeks are the result. To fill the cheeks, we use the filler hyaluronic acid, a temporary filler which can combat visible signs of skin ageing. A few injections are enough and our physicians will ensure that your face retains its natural shape and your cheeks are not over-filled. After this treatment, you are advised to take extra care of your skin for the following week and avoid the sun and sauna. The result can last for a year.


Face slimming is a Botox treatment for achieving the desirable V-shape in your face. A V-shape which emphasises your cheekbones and can make the jaw, corners of the mouth and sometimes the chin look slightly slimmer. We do the latter by relaxing your facial muscles using Botox. The effect of face slimming is more visible on people with rounded faces, with pronounced cheeks or a square jawline. Face slimming adds contours to your face and creates beautiful, sleek lines. The result usually becomes clear after a week or two and the effect can last for three to five months.

Your face
with beautiful contours

Treatment with Botox or fillers

The cheeks and cheekbones are treated with fillers, and for face slimming, we use Botox. We will advise you on the most suitable treatment to achieve the result you want. If necessary, we can combine two treatments. In each case, we will endeavour to achieve a natural result so that your face suits you after treatment. Our physicians will focus on these issues and offer honest advice; they will never use excessive Botox or fillers. And if you need personal advice about what you can or can’t do after your treatment, our doctors will give you all the information you need. You can always contact us with any questions you may have or you could check out the Frequently Asked Questions  here, on our site. At Next Cosmetics Clinics, you know you’re choosing quality!

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