Fillers: more contours, fewer wrinkles

A younger look due to improved contours and volume and fewer wrinkles and lines? No problem, with fillers! These can also be use to lift the buttocks.

Botox® relaxes your muscles

It eliminates lines and wrinkles, temporarily halts excessive sweating and can even reduce teeth grinding. Relax your muscles with Botox.

Profilho®: natural skin rejuvenation

Younger looking, radiant skin? No problem with Profilho®, a 100% hyaluronic acid injectable. It stimulates skin rejuvenation for a natural result.

Vitamin infusion: boost your skin and energy levels

More energy, improved hydration or increased resilience? No problem, with the right vitamin infusion! 100% absorption and thus much more effective. A boost for your body.

Meet your next you!

Are you looking for your younger self when you look in the mirror? Are you bothered by your nose or your chin, or could your jawline be a little tighter? Then choose a cosmetic treatment at Next Cosmetics Clinics and meet the next you!

Medical treatments

A medical treatment with an injectable? No problem! Botox is effective for a range of issues, including grinding your teeth  and excessive sweating. And fillers can be used to lift eyebrows,  e.g. if they restrict your field of vision. You can also come to the specialised and highly qualified physicians at Next Cosmetics for the following medical treatments.

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Cosmetic treatments:

Quality, specialists and personal attention

At Next Cosmetics Clinics, you can count on treatments and quality, with a personalised approach. We are partners with Next Fatfreeze, a leading clinic for freezing fat and tightening skin. Our clients come from across the entire country to our clinic for innovative treatments provided by our specialists. The bar for quality and services has been set very high in our Next clinics. And this is highly beneficial for you!

Want to find out more or book a treatment?

You can easily book an appointment online for a cosmetic treatment. The appointment will always be with a cosmetic doctor. You first have a consultation and then the treatment is provided immediately afterwards. So you don’t have to come back! Any questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section. Or contact us if you need personal advice before you book your treatment.