Sleek and firm with Botox or fillers

Treatments around the chin and jaw area

A younger face, a fresher look or sleeker contours? You can achieve this with a Botox or filler treatment around the chin and jaw area. Often, just a few injections are enough to achieve the desired result. The treatments for the chin and jaw are set out below. Do you wish to treat another zone or another body area? Check out what else we can do for you with Botox or fillers under our treatments .

Jawline fillers

A sleek jawline is the ideal image for many but not everyone has the required contours. Or your once defined jawline might have been lost as a result of ageing. With fillers, we can realise the jawline you would like. We will examine your natural face shape and your facial contours will then be brought ‘into shape’. We use a hyaluronic acid filler to provide a few injections per jaw to ensure the overall look remains natural. This quickly gives you the sleek jawline that suits your face.

Chin correction

A small chin or a chin that merges into your neck means your face may be lacking in contours. Would you like more impact without an operation? Then a chin correction using fillers is a great idea. We make the chin a little bigger so that the facial shape is more pronounced. This treatment can also be combined with a sleeker jawline. In both cases, we use hyaluronic acid and always ensure that the end result suits your face.

Pits and lines in the chin

Chin lines and pitting creates unevenness that can really stand out. Often, this is caused by the chin muscle being overly taught. Treating this muscle with Botox makes it relax and most of the lines and pitting on the chin disappear. This treatment does not help to shape the chin. Is this what you’d prefer? Then a chin correction using fillers is a great idea.

Marionette lines

As you age, the corners of your mouth might begin to sag, resulting in marionette lines; these lines run from the underside of the corners of your mouth downwards and can make you look grumpy or sad. Weight loss can also cause these lines. They also become more profound as your skin loses volume. With fillers, we can tackle these marionette lines effectively and give you a refreshed and friendlier look.

Teeth grinding

Grinding your teeth or bruxism often occurs at night, when you are sleeping, and is caused by increased muscle tension in the jaw. It can lead to damaged teeth, fillings which break or a painful jaw. When we treat the jaw muscle with Botox, it relaxes. You will stop grinding your teeth in a few days and the effect will last for several months.


A treatment with Botox to realise a slimmer face with more V-contours; that is face slimming.
And you can come to Next Cosmetics Clinics for this procedure. With a few Botox injections, we can change the shape and contours of your face into the desired oval or V-shape. The effect is particularly noticeable if you have a square jawline or fuller cheeks. With face slimming, we focus on the cheekbones and your face will gain beautiful, slim lines.

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Sleek and pronounced chin and jaw

Treatment with Botox or fillers

Treatments with Botox and fillers ensure a natural result that becomes apparent immediately after the treatment. The effect is temporary and can last for up to 12 months. How long it works for varies from person to person and also depends on the treated area. Prior to the treatment, the area will be anaesthetised using Emla cream; the doctor will then give you personalised instructions on what you may and may not do in the days thereafter. Any questions? You can always ring us or check the FAQ’s  on our site.

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